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Am I a good fit for the bootcamp?

Our motto is “Data Science for Everyone”. We have created a curriculum that makes data science skills accessible to anyone who is willing to dive right in and learn.

We have had attendees from a wide range of backgrounds – software engineers, product/program managers, physicists, financial analysts – even medical doctors and veterinarians, attend and successfully finish the training. We recommend that you talk to one of our instructors before finalizing the decision. If you would like to set up a time with one of our instructors, please let us know.

Who is your typical attendee?

Our attendees come from diverse backgrounds. We have had over 4,000 people attend our bootcamp from over 1,000 companies in various industries, job titles, and functions. They are software developers, program/product managers, management consultants, financial/business/data analysts, academic researchers, geophysicists, geochemists, policy analysts, engineers, statisticians – even veterinarians and medical doctors have successfully completed the bootcamp.

Many of them are working professionals who want to add some data science to their current positions, or who just want to learn what this new field is all about. We focus on teaching the concepts and underlying knowledge needed to do data science, rather than on platform-specific techniques.

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Do I need any experience to attend the bootcamp?

Our motto is, “Data Science for Everyone” and we mean it!

Our course is suitable for beginners.We will introduce you to the fundamentals of data science from data visualization to predictive analytics, to machine learning, data mining, and more! We have developed the course such that beginners can watch the pre-bootcamp tutorials in order to come prepared for the bootcamp. If you watch all the pre-bootcamp tutorials and quizzes, you will be well-prepared for the bootcamp.

While we do recommend having some knowledge of at least one programming/scripting language or computing environment, many of our attendees come to us with little to no experience with programming. Our pre-bootcamp coursework includes tutorials on Introduction to R Programming to get you ramped up for the bootcamp!

Is a programming background required?

The programming experience required by our course is fairly minimal.

You need to know how to assign variables, call functions, and pass parameters to functions. Our pre-bootcamp coursework includes tutorials on Introduction to R Programming to get you ramped up for the bootcamp! A good litmus test to see whether you will get the most out of the bootcamp is to watch this series of videos. If you can follow along and understand, then you will probably be successful going through the course.

The curriculum seems intense, would I be able to handle it?

While we think our bootcamp is suitable for beginners, judge for yourself and take a look at our series of online tutorials that will prepare you for the bootcamp! Check out the curriculum to see what is covered.


The pre-bootcamp tutorials will familiarize you with the fundamentals of data mining, and introduce you to three data science tools: R (programming language), Azure ML, and Amazon ML. If you watch all the pre-bootcamp tutorials and quizzes, you will be well-prepared for the bootcamp.


We have had attendees with diverse backgrounds from various industries who have successfully transformed their careers by learning data science.

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Will I get a job after the bootcamp?

We cannot guarantee that you will get a job after completing the bootcamp. Obtaining a job is strictly based off one’s own skill sets.  However, we are confident that as long as you stay engaged during the bootcamp, you will be able to test those skills and apply it to your work (that is, if you would like).  Upon completion of the bootcamp, we will provide you with a certificate that you can print and/or add to your LinkedIn profile.

Our bootcamp is mostly catered to working professionals who want to add a data science skill set to their current job or project they are working on. Most come to the bootcamp with a project they are working on and want to utilize the skills they learn at the bootcamp to implement machine learning methods or deploy predictive models, etc. However, we do get a few people who are looking for a career change into data science and come to the bootcamp to kick-start their data science education, as 50 hours of training is just the beginning!

Are there any networking opportunities?

In addition to the 5-day training, you will have ample opportunity to network with the peers in your cohort. Prior to coming to the bootcamp, you will have access to Slack where you can meet and engage with your peers before, during, and after the bootcamp. One night during the training, you will be invited to a networking dinner where you can get to know your peers outside of class. Lastly, after the bootcamp, you will be invited to join the Data Science Dojo Alumni LinkedIn group.

Updated on March 2, 2024

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