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How much statistics will I need to know?

We work hard to ensure that no prior statistics knowledge is required. We will teach you all the basics you need to know before and during the bootcamps. We cover correlations, hypothesis testing, and Bayes’ rule in the Data Science Bootcamp, all at a level appropriate for someone with no/little statistics experience.

This applies to all courses we offer.

What software/technology stacks do you use?

During the remote data science bootcamp, we teach using R and Azure, but will also use Hadoop and spark. It’s important to note that we don’t teach these tools as a skill, rather we use them to help our students learn and understand essential data science concepts and techniques. We approach everything from a “software/tool agnostic” point of view, and the principles you learn will transfer across the different software/tools that you come across in the industry. 

Do you teach R or Python?

Our lessons are all taught R. However, for every R code snippet, we also provide the corresponding Python code. The logic is the same, but the syntax is different. While we do work in R and Python during the bootcamp, knowledge of any programming language will work- as we teach the principles from a “software agnostic” point of view, the principles transfer across programming languages. We teach how to interpret data, and then how to apply machine learning to take that to the next level. A good litmus test to see whether you will get the most out of the bootcamp is to follow along with our R tutorials. If you can follow along and understand, then you shouldn’t have a problem while going through the bootcamp. 

If you would like to focus on Python, take a look at our Python for Data Science course. 

Updated on March 2, 2024

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