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How do I claim my CITREP+ benefits?

Claim procedure

Trainees who wish to claim for CITREP+ funding must submit their online claim applications to IMDA via ICMS upon course or certification completion. Please refer to the Claim Application Guide for detailed application procedures.

For Organisation-Sponsored Trainees, the claim application will be submitted by the sponsoring organisation.

For Self-Sponsored Trainees, the claim application has to be completed by the individual.

All claims for CITREP+ disbursement must be submitted to IMDA within three (3) months from completion date of the last examination or final post-training assessment. Late submissions will not be accepted. Applications with incomplete supporting documents will be rejected for processing.


Is the bootcamp considered a Certification only or a Training Course and Certification under the CITREP framework?

We are endorsed as a training course without any certification credit from a certification authority.

Do I have to pass a test to be approved by IMDA?

You do not have to pass a test as we are endorsed as a training course without any certification credit from a certification authority.

How much funding will I get?

The amount of funding a student may receive depends on a variety of factors.

The subsidies covered by the Singapore government for CITREP depend on if you are a Singapore citizen or permanent resident, the category (are you self-sponsored or organization sponsored), type (student, working professional over 40, professional), and training course.

Funding is not guaranteed and there is an application process. From their website, for students “Up to 100% of the nett payable course and fees, capped at $2,500 per trainee”.

You can find which category you fall into, here.

How do i ensure that the CITREP+ funding is in place?

You can register for the CITREP+ approved package at https://citrep.datasciencedojo.com.
After you have completed the bootcamp, you will have to submit a claim application.
Updated on October 7, 2019

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