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Do you offer early bird discounts for workshops?

Yes, we do offer early-bird discounts for our trainings. All of our discounts are available in limited quantities and are offered on a first-come, first-serve basis. Once we sell out of our discounted seats, we move to full price.

How do your early bird and group discounts work?

Early-bird discounts depend on variety of factors such as the number of seats left in the bootcamp and how many weeks in advance the registration happens. Typically, registrations happening 4+ weeks prior to the bootcamp date are eligible for the discount.

The group discount is 5% and applies to groups of 4 or more attendees who register and pay together. This discount can be also be combined with an early-bird discount when available.

Please note, early-bird discounts can not be coupled with the flexible-payment-plan.


Updated on January 9, 2018

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