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Will I be a good fit for the program?

Our program is specifically designed for working professionals who want to add some data science to their current positions, or who just want to learn what this new field is all about. We focus on teaching the concepts and underlying knowledge needed to do data science, rather than on platform-specific techniques.

Bootcamp Information Session

Is this bootcamp for me?

We have had people attend our bootcamp from over 400 companies in various industries, job titles, and functions.


Our course is suitable for beginners. We have developed the course such that beginners can watch the pre-bootcamp tutorials in order to come prepared for the bootcamp.


The pre-bootcamp tutorials will familiarize you with the fundamentals of data mining, and introduce you to three data science tools: R (programming language), Azure ML, and Amazon ML. If you watch all the pre-bootcamp tutorials and quizzes, you will be well-prepared for the bootcamp.

We have had attendees with diverse backgrounds from various industries who have successfully transformed their careers by learning data science.

The curriculum seems intense, would I be able to handle it?

Our slogan is ‘Data Science for Everyone’. We have created a curriculum that makes data science skills accessible to anyone who is willing to dive right in and learn.

For anything else you should know, we have a series of online tutorials that will prepare you for the bootcamp! Check out the curriculum to see what is covered.

Updated on December 20, 2018

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