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What are the Logistics of the bootcamp?

How long are the trainings?

Bootcamps are held Monday through Friday from 8am to 6pm. It’s 5 days of in-person, hands-on learning for 10 hours a day.

  • For California, pending California licensure approval, the bootcamp will be 4 days, Monday through Thursday from 8 am to 6 pm. Pending the California licensure approvial, the 4-day training will not include IOT project.

What language is the bootcamp taught in?

The bootcamp is taught in English.

How many people attend each training?

Class sizes range from 20 to 30 people.

Who teaches the bootcamps?

Our core Seattle-based teaching team travels to each location. At least two instructors will be there to guide you through getting started with data science.

Is there a dress code at the bootcamp?

No, there is no dress code. Most people wear business casual. Feel free to wear whatever you like!

Updated on January 9, 2018

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