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Do you offer free courses?

Yes, we do offer short free courses on Data Science related topics. You can access them here.

If you’re interested in our certificate programs, they include a fee however you get a lot more benefits in terms of live sessions, verified certificates, comprehensive curriculum, and instructor support.

You can check out our certificate programs here.


Apart from that, we offer free content in the form of meetups, tutorials, blogs, and webinars that are free to attend. To see our upcoming events please visit https://online.datasciencedojo.com/events

Free Tutorials, Podcasts, Webinars, and Community Talks

Data Science Blog

AI & Machine Learning for Everyone

Meetup Locations

If you are interested in contributing to the greater data science community and would like to hold a meetup, share a tutorial, write a blog, or host a webinar, feel free to reach out to [email protected]!

Updated on March 2, 2024

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