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Do you offer any fellowships?

We offer fellowships to nonprofit professionals dedicated to using data science to improve lives. Fellows are not required to become data scientists. Instead, they use the skills that they develop at our bootcamp to: enhance their research projects, increase efficiency, and highlight how data can help society. To apply, you must work for a 501c3 nonprofit, have experience in data analytics, are not currently pursuing a fellowship, and must share how you plan on being hands-on with data science to improve lives.

Unlike other fellowships, Data Science Dojo fellows:

  • May pursue whatever career they want
  • Commit to only 16-week data science training
  • Receive funding to cover program cost
Data Science Dojo Fellows must commit to:
  • Data Science Dojo may use your biographical/professional information on their corporate website, social media channels and outlets.
  • At the end of the bootcamp, you will participate in a short interview describing your experience at the bootcamp and how you plan to apply data science in your future work.
  • You will write a blog post about how you plan to apply data science skills in your current nonprofit work

Applicants will not be selected based on the following:

  • Your company is a for-profit company and not a 501c3 nonprofit
  • You did not submit a cover letter stating how you plan on using data science to improve lives
  • Your application does not portray relevant hands-on experience in data analytics, data science, machine learning, etc.

You may apply for our fellowship, here. Please submit your resume and cover letter detailing your experience in the nonprofit sector and how you plan on using the tools and techniques you learned at the bootcamp to improve lives. We would love to hear about any real or future projects!

Updated on March 2, 2024

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