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Is there pre-bootcamp coursework?

Yes, to get you ramped up for the 50 hours of in-person training, we have about 10 hours of precourse work including:

  • Introduction to Big Data, Data Science, and Predictive Analytics
  • Introduction to Azure ML Studio
  • Fundamentals of Data Mining
  • Introduction to R Programming
  • Introduction to Amazon Machine Learning

What do I need to bring/install before coming to the bootcamp?

  • Bring a laptop with Mac, Linux or Windows operating system will work well
  • Install R, R studio is required.
  • Install GitHub client. (Recommended)
  • Install a text editor of your choice: Notepad++ or Sublime Text 3 are recommended.
  • Make sure you have admin access to the laptop in case you need to install.
  • If the laptop is the property of your company, please make sure that you have their permission to install software on the laptops.
Updated on February 26, 2019

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